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    Anonymous American Clothing Company is a contemporary fashion brand that was created in 2016 specifically as a retail E-commerce platform. 

    Our founders come from an urban background and fully understand that life moves fast, and the modern man most have a flexible wardrobe that can transition from an energetic environment to evening wear in the blink of an eye.

    After 2 years of selling on sites like EBay and Amazon and experiencing some success, we decided to branch off and discover our own niche and following in the crowded fashion industry.

    We chose the name Anonymous American because we believe a man can be incognito and private without being forced to totally blend into society. It's all about making power moves while moving in silence - and looking and feeling like a boss while doing it!

    Anonymous American means we are content in our own skins – no matter your color, heritage, sexual or religious preferences, you will find a good fit within our brand.

    We are a take on a variety of classic clothing from all over the world, yet with a more modern aesthetic.

    Shop with confidence!